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Snapshot: Farmers’ Protest in Munich

By Katharina Müller Around 3,000 despairing farmers rally at Munich’s Odeonsplatz against the milk price drop. A farmer needs at least 40 cents per liter in order to operate sustainably, receiving an average of 26 cents: this threatens the existence of around 80,000 farms in Germany. The German Association of… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Farmers’ Protest in Munich”

Photo of the Week: Val Berros

Photo of the Week: Helmuth Trischler

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces—a famous UNESCO world cultural heritage site in southwest China’s Yunnan province. Hani people have cultivated the land into terraced rice paddies for at least 1,300 years, creating a unique manufactured landscape.

Socio-Politico-Economic Problems in the Hilly Areas of Bangladesh: the Case of the Chittagong Hill Tracts

By Khaled Misbahuzzaman The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHTs) make up the south-eastern region of Bangladesh. This region shares international boundaries with the Indian states of Tripura to the north and Mizoram to the east, and the Chin and Rakhain states of Myanmar to the… Continue Reading “Socio-Politico-Economic Problems in the Hilly Areas of Bangladesh: the Case of the Chittagong Hill Tracts”

The Grasslands of Mongolia

The vastness of Mongolia’s sky and grasslands cannot be overstated; they present an expansive landscape of complexity, evolution, and history. During a research trip to Mongolia in the summer of 2013, I traveled from the northern forest steppe to the edge of the desert… Continue Reading “The Grasslands of Mongolia”

Making Tracks: Diana Mincyte

In the “Making Tracks” series, RCC fellows and alumni present their experiences in environmental humanities, retracing the paths that led them to the Rachel Carson Center. For more information, please click here. By Diana Mincyte My earliest encounters with “non-human” nature were those of… Continue Reading “Making Tracks: Diana Mincyte”

Video: Marion Nestle Lecture

Marion Nestle gave the plenary lecture at the European Society of Environmental History (ESEH) Conference 2013. In her talk, entitled “Politics in Action: The Environment of Food Choice”, she explained how and why food production and consumption have changed since 1980. She also offered… Continue Reading “Video: Marion Nestle Lecture”

Potatoes and the Foods of the Poor

Reposted with kind permission of Marion Elizabeth Diamond from Historians are Past Caring. © Marion Elizabeth Diamond and Historians are Past Caring, 2012. I bought two kilograms of potatoes last weekend. Four days later, I took out the bag to peel some for dinner,… Continue Reading “Potatoes and the Foods of the Poor”

Photo of the Week – Lawrence Culver

The Coachella Valley and adjacent Imperial Valley, both part of the Colorado Desert in southeastern California and northern Baja California, are located in one of the hottest and driest regions in the world. The Coachella Valley is home to Palm Springs and a number… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week – Lawrence Culver”