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Seeing the Woods is produced by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC), an international and interdisciplinary research center devoted to the environmental humanities. Its contributors include the RCC’s staff, fellows, and members of the community of graduate and doctoral students, as well as occasional external contributors. Its content is managed by an interdisciplinary editorial board consisting of

Brenda Black – translator and editor, MPI Halle
Stephanie Hood – editor and research scholar, MPI Berlin
Dr. Katie Ritson – research fellow and former senior editor at the Rachel Carson Center
Dr. Hannah Roberson – former editor at the Rachel Carson Center
Samantha Rothbart – communications editor, Bavarian Ministry for Science and the Arts
Harriet Windley – managing editor at the Rachel Carson Center

The mission of the blog is to demonstrate the relevancy and importance of humanistic and historical perspectives in discussions about today’s environmental challenges. We seek to provide context that will help reveal the bigger picture, or “the woods,” or shift our gaze to see the trees from different angles in order to explain the long and complex relationship between humans and nature. Seeing the Woods showcases innovative research, valuable resources, and provocative commentary from experts in fields such as history, ecocriticism, anthropology, and philosophy.

Through this blog, the RCC also strives to connect scholarship and public discourse. We believe such connections are necessary for finding solutions to and deepening our understanding of local and global environmental problems.

About the RCC

The RCC is an international, interdisciplinary center for research and education in the environmental humanities located in Munich, Germany.  It is named after the American biologist, nature writer, and environmentalist Rachel Carson, whose accessible writing raised awareness worldwide about threats to the environment and human health.

The RCC’s mission is to advance research and discussion concerning the interaction between humans and nature, and to strengthen the role of the humanities in current political and scientific debates about the environment.

Visit our homepage to learn more about what we do. 

About the Design

The theme was edited by the RCC’s editorial team, and the blog header was designed by editor Harriet Windley. The photo in the header is in the public domain, via Pixabay.

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