Snapshot: Farmers’ Protest in Munich

By Katharina Müller

Tractors line up at Odeonsplatz, Munich. Photograph: Katharina Müller.

Around 3,000 despairing farmers rally at Munich’s Odeonsplatz against the milk price drop. A farmer needs at least 40 cents per liter in order to operate sustainably, receiving an average of 26 cents: this threatens the existence of around 80,000 farms in Germany. The German Association of Dairy Cattle Holders (Bundesverband Deutscher Milchviehhalter) sees the problem in the current surplus of milk, and calls for a prohibition of the surplus production through the European Union.

Protesters gather at Odeonsplatz. Photograph: Katharina Müller.
Tractors make their way from Odeonsplatz to the north of Munich. Photograph: Katharina Müller.

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