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Between Here and There

By Anna Pilz
I have never set foot on the continent called Australia. I am unfamiliar with its beaches, bushlands, deserts, and cityscapes, with their sounds and smells, colours and textures. It is a place far away that I encountered mostly in my studies on nineteenth-century Ireland. I have travelled there in my imagination alongside thousands of Irish migrants who were shipped to or set sail for the new colony in attempts to leave famine-stricken Ireland.

Bookshelf: Jens Kersten on Inwastement—Abfall in Umwelt und Gesellschaft

The Inwastement volume arose from the research cluster “Waste and Society” of the RCC together with LMU’s Center for Advanced Studies. Published in German by Transcript, the issue includes contributions from: Soraya Heuss-Aßbichler, Claudia R. Binder, Eveline Dürr, Gisela Grupe, Rüdiger Haum, Michael Jedelhauser, Jens Kersten, Roman… Continue Reading “Bookshelf: Jens Kersten on Inwastement—Abfall in Umwelt und Gesellschaft”

Connecting Ideas, Widening Perspectives: Kochel am See Graduate Retreat 2015

“Welcome to the first annual graduate retreat! [Although] . . . it’s not confirmed as an annual event yet . . .” The humorous welcoming words of Sonja Weinbuch, coordinator of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program, set the tone for our weekend: an atmosphere of… Continue Reading “Connecting Ideas, Widening Perspectives: Kochel am See Graduate Retreat 2015”

CfC: Doctoral Program “Environment and Society” at the LMU Munich, Germany

The RCC doctoral program “Environment and Society” invites applications from graduates in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences who wish to research the complex relationships between environment and society on an interdisciplinary basis. Our program is based at the Rachel Carson Center for… Continue Reading “CfC: Doctoral Program “Environment and Society” at the LMU Munich, Germany”

Editing the Environment

By Dominic Kotas I had heard of editing before I applied to become an editor at the RCC, but I had never really done it, and I didn’t know much about environmental studies. My first volume of RCC Perspectives, then, was a challenge. Certainly… Continue Reading “Editing the Environment”

New Year, New Name, New Look, Same Mission!

Presenting the RCC’s blog, take two… We have a new look and a new name: Seeing the Woods! In our excitement about launching the RCC’s blog, we unfortunately overlooked an important step: making sure our desired name was not already taken. Alas, we have learned… Continue Reading “New Year, New Name, New Look, Same Mission!”

Fifty Years of Silent Spring

Post by Arielle Helmick Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published fifty years ago today. Having taken her name, we at the RCC would like to take a look back at Carson’s legacy, in terms of what she has meant for the Center, as well… Continue Reading “Fifty Years of Silent Spring”

Introducing…Seeing the Forest!

Social media is a new and promising frontier for the environmental humanities. Already, numerous scholars, associations, research centers and the like are experimenting with social media’s potential. We at the Rachel Carson Center have also ventured into this frontier, and we are excited to… Continue Reading “Introducing…Seeing the Forest!”