CfC: Doctoral Program “Environment and Society” at the LMU Munich, Germany

The RCC doctoral program “Environment and Society” invites applications from graduates in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences who wish to research the complex relationships between environment and society on an interdisciplinary basis. Our program is based at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, a joint initiative of LMU Munich and the Deutsches Museum. Within the scope of the program, doctoral students acquire the ability to understand the emergence and interactions of natural and social processes. The stimulating research environment, intensive supervision, and opportunity to form international networks offer excellent conditions for doctoral students.

The program does not offer scholarships for doctoral candidates, but can assist students who apply for external funding: some funding is available for conference travel and archival or field research. Applicants wishing to be admitted to this doctoral program must hold a Master’s degree from a recognized university, show evidence of excellence in their field of study, and present a plan for a doctoral project in one of the following areas or combinations of areas:

  • History: Environmental History, History of Science and Technology, Art History
  • Sociology: Environmental Sociology, Political Economy, Sociology of  Economics
  • Energy and Resource Economics for Sustainability
  • Geography: Modeling Social-Ecological Relations and Systems, Historical Geography, Political Ecology
  • Biology: Paleoanatomy and Archaeology
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Policy: Comparative, International, or Politics of Ecological Transitions
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Anthropology: Environmental, Urban, or Political; especially Latin America and Pacific

Please submit your application by 1 December 2014 via the online portal of the LMU Munich Graduate Center: Only applications submitted through the portal will be considered. Successful candidates will be accepted into the program for the summer semester 2015 and notified in January 2015. You will need the following documents for your online application:

  • Documentation of university degree(s) held;
  • One copy of your Master’s thesis;
  • An academic curriculum vitae (including details of publications, if applicable);
  • A statement of purpose for your application to the program (up to two pages);
  • An outline of your planned dissertation along with a timetable for completion (up to five pages);
  • The name of a member of the Academic Board whose research interests match the dissertation project;
  • The names and addresses of two academic referees able to give information about your suitability and academic potential.

For further information on the doctoral program Environment and Society, including application details and FAQ, please visit the Environment and Society homepage:

Or contact Dr. Robert Emmett, program coordinator (, for further information.

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