New Year, New Name, New Look, Same Mission!

Presenting the RCC’s blog, take two…

We have a new look and a new name: Seeing the Woods!

In our excitement about launching the RCC’s blog, we unfortunately overlooked an important step: making sure our desired name was not already taken. Alas, we have learned a lesson.

A well-established political blog has been running under the name “Seeing the Forest” since 2002. So, to avoid confusion and to ensure both blogs can preserve their uniqueness, we decided to change our name.

After lots of thought and playing around with totally new names, we ultimately decided we didn’t want to stray from our original moniker’s connotations. Thus, a slight adjustment to “Seeing the Woods” seemed like the solution.

And, to further build up the blog’s brand and userability, we’ve launched a snazzy new look, too.

We apologize for any initial confusion the name change may cause, but we believe the blog is now on the right path forward.

Happy New Year from the RCC blog team!

p.s. If you’ve bookmarked us under our former name, please update to our new URL.

One Comment on “New Year, New Name, New Look, Same Mission!

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