Introducing…Seeing the Forest!

Social media is a new and promising frontier for the environmental humanities. Already, numerous scholars, associations, research centers and the like are experimenting with social media’s potential.

We at the Rachel Carson Center have also ventured into this frontier, and we are excited to introduce our latest contribution to the growing online community: our blog, Seeing the Forest.

With Seeing the Forest, the RCC hopes to enhance the online influence of the environmental humanities and help extend its reach. By showcasing innovative research, valuable resources and provocative expert commentary, this blog will demonstrate the relevancy and importance of infusing humanistic and historical perspectives into discussions about today’s environmental challenges.

Why the name “Seeing the Forest?”

A reference to the adage, “See the forest for the trees,” it alludes to what we believe to be one of the most important contributions the humanities can make to discussions around environmental challenges: the context that helps us see the bigger picture—or, “the forest.”

Of course, the “trees” are also important. But contextualizing those details within the bigger picture of human culture and history can help to highlight persistent problems and trends, as well as potential solutions.

We intend for this blog to serve as a resource and forum for those invested in and curious about the environmental humanities, and we invite you to follow and contribute to the discussions that will unfold.

To learn more about the mission and scope of this blog, read About This Blog.

To learn how you can contribute to this blog, read our Submission Guidelines.

One Comment on “Introducing…Seeing the Forest!

  1. Congratulations on this outstanding new blog and a special thanks for including a link to I look forward to following your work and hope to join you some day in Munich!


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