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Chinese water management, new materialism, Anthropocene, eco-acoustics and much more during the 2016/2017 winter semester at the Rachel Carson Center. Would you like to keep up to date with our latest Lunchtime Colloquia? Then follow us by subscribing to our Rachel Carson Center Youtube Channel for new… Continue Reading “LUNCHTIME COLLOQUIA, WINTER SEMESTER 2016/2017”

Making Tracks: Anitra Nelson

In the “Making Tracks” series, RCC fellows and alumni present their experiences in environmental humanities, retracing the paths that led them to the Rachel Carson Center. For more information, please click here. “Goolengook and Guernica” By Anitra Nelson In the Guernica of today’s universal… Continue Reading “Making Tracks: Anitra Nelson”

Photo of the Week: Annka Liepold

RCC Communications Associate and PhD candidate Annka Liepold recently witnessed the hatching of seventeen-year periodical cicadas on her six-month PhD research exchange at the University of Kansas: “The cycle of their reproduction doesn’t match up with that of their predators . . . Pretty cool . . .… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Annka Liepold”