Chinese water management, new materialism, Anthropocene, eco-acoustics and much more during the 2016/2017 winter semester at the Rachel Carson Center.

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27 October 2016:

Mu Cao on “Well Water or River Water: Tianjin’s Choice of Water Resources”

3 November 2016:

Yan Gao on “Yangzi Waters: A Social and Environmental History of the Jianghan Plain”

10 November 2016:

Amanda Boetzkes on “Contemporary Art, New Materialism, and the Aesthetics of Waste”

24 November 2016:

Tom Griffiths on “The Lore of the Land: Australian Natural Histories”

1 December 2016:

Franklin Ginn on “Anthroposcenes in the Firth of Forth, Scotland”

8 December 2016:

Bruno Latour on “From the Anthropocene to the New Climatic Regime”

See a Snapshot of the event here.

15 December 2016:

Anitra Nelson on “Small is Neccesary: Sharing Housing on a Shared Planet”

22 December 2016:

Lisa Pettibone on “The Role of Ideological Change in Sustainable Transformation”

12 January 2017:

Elizabeth Hennessy presented “On the Backs of Tortoises: The Past and Future of Evolution in the Galápagos Islands”

19 January 2017:

Almo Farina on “Ecoacoustics: Investigating and Interpreting the Earth Voice”

26 January 2017:

Lisa FitzGerald on “Re-Place: Performative Landscapes as Conceptual Ecological Environments”

2 February 2017:

Lisa M. Brady on “Capitalist Pigs: International Aid Agencies and Agricultural Development in South Korea, 1945-1961”

9 February 2017:

Monica Vasile on “Associative Environmentality: The Revival of Forest Commons in the Romanian Carpathians”



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