Climate politics, posthumanism, planetary health, ecofeminism, and much more during the 2017/2018 winter semester at the Rachel Carson Center.

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12 October 2017:

Christopher Cokinos on “Atlas of the Long Tomorrow: Radical Engineers, a Forgotten Journey and Our Quest for a Better World”

19 October 2017:

Nancy Trautmann on “Beyond Doom and Gloom: Inspiring Student Learning and Action”

26 October 2017:

Kata Beilin and Sainath Suryanarayanan on “Hispanic Agri-Cultures: Interspecies Alliance and Resistance to GM Crops”

2 November 2017:

Noel Healy on “Limiting Climate Chaos: Disruptive Climate Politics”

9 November 2017:

Tom Idema on “Environmental Posthumanism: Narrating Humans and Worlds in Transformation”

16 November 2017:

Amy Moran-Thomas on “Planetary Health and the Global Diabetes Epidemic”

23 November 2017:

Cecilia Åsberg on “Feminist Environmental Humanities and a Thousand Tiny Anthropocenes”

30 November 2017:

Claiton da Silva on “Science, Environment, Society: Transforming a Brazilian Biome”

7 December 2017:

Kate Rigby on “Roadkill: Multi-species Mobility and Everyday Ecocide”

14 December 2017:

Tony Weis on “Ghosts and Things: The Trajectory of Animal Life”

21 December 2017:

Marcela Lopez on “Contested Urban Waterscapes in Medellín, Colombia”

11 January 2018:

David Munns on “To Live among the Stars: Designing Artificial Environments”

18 January 2018:

Roberta Biasillo on “Ecologies of Italian Rule in North and East Africa”

25 January 2018:

Helin Burkay on “Politics of Conservation and Development: Shifting Narratives of Sustainability”

1 February 2018:

Abosede Babatunde on “Oil: Mitigating Militancy in Nigeria’s Niger Delta”

8 February 2018:

Bernhard Rieger on “Materials for the Twenty-First Century—Can Carbon Come from CO2?”

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