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Popularizing Climate Change and the Challenge of Multiple Narratives

By Roberta Biasillo This blog piece is inspired by Harald Lesch’s talk “Science, Society, Signs” at the RCC Lunchtime Colloquium. It focuses on the potential and limits of graphic representations of climate change-related phenomena, interpretations, and understandings. (*Featured image: Peel, M. C., Finlayson, B.… Continue Reading “Popularizing Climate Change and the Challenge of Multiple Narratives”


Climate politics, posthumanism, planetary health, ecofeminism, and much more during the 2017/2018 winter semester at the Rachel Carson Center. Would you like to keep up to date with our latest Lunchtime Colloquia? Then follow us by subscribing to our Rachel Carson Center Youtube Channel for new… Continue Reading “LUNCHTIME COLLOQUIA, WINTER SEMESTER 2017/2018”

Uses of Environmental History: Don Worster

This is the fourth in a series of posts exploring the uses of environmental history. The series has been adapted from contributions to a roundtable forum published in the first issue of the new Journal for Ecological History, edited by Renmin University’s Center for Ecological History. By Donald Worster If… Continue Reading “Uses of Environmental History: Don Worster”

Student Research: Break Free 2016

“Ende Gelände” for the Fossil Fuel Industry By Alexander Gorski (Environmental Studies Certificate Program student) Over the first two weeks of May this year, a global network of organizations and individuals from six continents united for the Break Free 2016 campaign, taking action against… Continue Reading “Student Research: Break Free 2016”