Socialist industrialization, eco-linguistic, agro-food globalization and much more during the 2016 summer semester at the Rachel Carson Center.

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14 April 2016:

Ernst Langthaler on “‘Miracle Bean’: Soy and Agro-Food Globalization since 1870”

21 April 2016:

Robert Wilson on “Forging the Climate Movement: Global Warming and American Environmental Activism”

28 April 2016:

Allen Thompson on “Novel Ecosystems and Adapting Nature Conservation”

12 May 2016:

Sarah Strauss and Carrick Eggleston on “Energy Transitions in the Twenty-First Century: Science, Culture, and Sustainable Systems”

19 May 2016:

Pey-Yi Chu on “Conquest versus Adaptation: Permafrost and Socialist Industrialization in the Soviet Union”

2 June 2016:

Alan MacEachern on “Respecting Borders: Two Nations’ Histories of a Natural Disaster”

16 June 2016:

Vidya Sarveswaran on “Under Another Sky—A Story from Rajasthan”

23 June 2016:

Benjamin Hale on “The Wild and The Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature”

7 July 2016:

Saskia Beudal on “Science, Imagination, and Narrative: Rachel Carson as Interdisciplinary Thinker”

14 July 2016:

Arran Stibe on “Ecolinguistics: The Search for New Stories to Live By”



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