The Taproom: Susan Gauss

Un trago amargo—A Bitter Drink: Beer, Water, and Globalization”

By Susan Gauss

A truck drives down the street in Zaragoza, Coahuila, its loudspeaker reminding residents to conserve water or face fines. Local farmers also feel the pain, as they scale back planting due to a lack of water. Yet nearby, water is flowing well through an aqueduct carrying it to a factory 40 kilometers away in Nava, Coahuila. The factory is new, built by Grupo Modelo—maker of the world-famous Corona beer—in 2010 and expanded after its 2013 takeover by Constellation Brands. Inside, it produces 22 million beers a day for export largely to the US, each made using 3.25 liters of water piped in from the aquifer that serves Zaragoza.

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Image courtesy of Banco de imágenes de Mexicali Resiste.

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Videos: RCC Lunchtime Colloquia, November

We have had four great presentations this month by fellows and guests at the weekly RCC lunchtime colloquium. Here are the videos – we hope they are of interest!

John Agbonifo (Osun State University, Nigeria): “Environmental Governance and Civil Society in Nigeria”

Klaus Gestwa (Tübingen University, Germany): “(Post) Soviet Contemporary Environmental History: Ecological Globalization and Regional Dynamics”

Ruth Oldenziel (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands): “Century of Cycling: Pathways towards Sustainability”

Pernille Gooch (Lund University, Sweden): “Pastoral Communities in the Himalayas”