Snapshot: Lunchtime Colloquium

LC 19 May
RCC fellow Pey-Yi Chu presents her work at the lunchtime colloquium: “Conquest versus Adaptation: Permafrost and Socialist Industrialization in the Soviet Union.”

The RCC’s weekly lunchtime colloquium series is always a hub of activity at the center. Here people meet, greet, and discuss their interests over a buffet lunch before watching a presentation given by an RCC fellow or guest speaker. The talks often focus on the speaker’s most recent project or research interests. Each talk is followed by a question-and-answer session designed to stimulate discussion and allow the audience to engage and develop their understanding of the presenter’s academic research. Developed as an outreach program, the lunchtime colloquium series allows researchers to bring their work to a wider audience; the talks are accessible, aimed at non-specialists, and are all completely free and open to the public.

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