Snapshot: “energie.wenden (energy.transitions)”

Mögliche Illustration energie.wenden_klein
Members of the Deutsches Museum exhibition team test the new energy transition game. Photograph: Deutsches Museum

We need to transition towards more sustainable energy systems! But what is keeping us from making the necessary changes? Technology? Politics? Psychology?

Following the successful exhibition on the Anthropocene, the Deutsches Museum and the RCC are once again teaming up for another large exhibition. This time, the title is “energie.wenden” (energy transitions) and it focuses on the challenges of establishing a sustainable energy supply system. Ranging from industry, mobility, and production to trade and private consumption, the exhibition combines original artefacts with models, demonstrations, and media stations to illuminate the challenges, issues, and controversies surrounding energy systems.

At the heart of the exhibition is a simulation game that allows visitors to create their own personal energy transition. It even comments on their political style! Creating the game has been an exciting endeavor—both for the curators as well as the designers and technicians who need to make sure that it will run smoothly for many months! If the visitors have only half as much fun with the simulator as the exhibition team had during the test run, the game will be a great success!

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