Videos: Lunchtime Colloquia, Winter Semester 2014/15

Carson Fellows and guests gave some more great talks in our lunchtime colloquium series last semester! Check out the winter semester 2014/15 videos on our YouTube channel.
Harriet Ritvo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) presents on “At the Edge of the Wild”
Mingfang Xia (Renmin University of China) presents on “Where Is Adam Smith? China’s Rural Economy in Environmental History (1368–1949)”
Michael Braungart (EPEA—Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) presents on “Cradle to Cradle—A World without Waste”
Kathleen McAfee (San Francisco State University) presents on “Green Economy or Buen Vivir: Can Capitalism Save Itself?”
Timothy Breen (Northwestern University) presents on “Maple Sugar and the Plan to End Slavery: Profits, Science, and Reform in the 1790s”
Thom van Dooren (University of New South Wales) presents on “Living with Crows in Hawai’i”
Laura Sayre (French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INFRA)) presents on “Organic Agriculture in History: Tradition, Reaction, Innovation?”
Celia Lowe (University of Washington) presents on “Biological Futures: Securing Life in the H5N1 Outbreak”
Wolfram Mauser (LMU Munich) presents on “Global Food Futures: Agriculture and What is Left Over”
Cindy Ott (Saint Louis University) presents on “Biscuits and Buffalo: Squashing Myths about Food in Indian Country”
Ulrike Plath (Tallinn University) presents on “Food from the Garden: Greening the Baltic History of Modernity”
Emily O’Gorman (Macquarie University) presents on “The Invention of Wetlands: Histories of Conservation and Contestation in Australia”
María Valeria Berros (Universidad Nacional del Litoral) presents on “The Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Law in Dialogue”
Nils Petter Gleditsch (Peace Research Institute Oslo and Norweigan University of Science and Technology) presents on “Climate Change: A Threat to the Waning of War?”
Axel Goodbody (University of Bath) presents on “Climate Scepticism: Cultures and Subjectivities”

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