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Contested Ecologies: Munich

By: Clemens Hufeld Munich is a beautiful city that has much to offer. It has the Oktoberfest, one of the world’s largest urban fairs, surfers in the middle of the city, beautiful landscapes in its vicinity, and a long tradition of urban life. The… Continue Reading “Contested Ecologies: Munich”

Eden Park: The Birth of an Iconic Midwestern Municipal Park

*Featured image: Eden Park reservoir, Cincinnati, Ohio. Image courtesy of The New York Public Library. Guest post by Kathleen Smythe As you walk into Eden Park, one of the first things you encounter is the remains of a double basin reservoir—its walls more often… Continue Reading “Eden Park: The Birth of an Iconic Midwestern Municipal Park”

Fixing a Nation’s Plumbing II: What We Choose to Ignore

by Vikas Lakhani This is the second post about India’s National River Linking Project. Read the first part here. As has been clear in the previous post, I see several fundamental objections to the NRLP. First and foremost, environmentalists have rightly raised serious concerns… Continue Reading “Fixing a Nation’s Plumbing II: What We Choose to Ignore”

Fixing a Nation’s Plumbing I: India’s National River Linking Project

by Vikas Lakhani In 1946, British colonialists launched a grand scheme to cultivate groundnuts in the uninhabitable parts of Tanganyika, a former colony that corresponds to the mainland part of today’s United Republic of Tanzania. Under the leadership of the agronomist John Wakefield, the… Continue Reading “Fixing a Nation’s Plumbing I: India’s National River Linking Project”

Asia and the Pacific: Environments—Cultures—Histories

Workshop Report (LMU-ChAN Satellite Conference, 3–5 November 2017, Rachel Carson Center, Munich, Germany) by Travis Klingberg (All sketches by Libby Robin) Flood-proof cities. The social costs of waste incineration. Water level changes in the Pearl River Delta. The environmental impact of nineteenth-century Chinese immigration… Continue Reading “Asia and the Pacific: Environments—Cultures—Histories”

Ecopolis München: Ecopolis Night

“A Student Exhibition on Munich’s Environmental Histories” All photographs courtesy of Florin Prună. In late July, students of the RCC’s Environmental Studies Certificate Program organized Ecopolis München: Umweltgeschichten einer Stadt. This interactive multimedia exhibition showcased Munich’s environmental histories through the students’ final projects, and was… Continue Reading “Ecopolis München: Ecopolis Night”

Day 7. Danube Excursion: Bratislava—Munich

by Lea Wiser Bratislava → Munich   Spending a night on a boat and waking up to views over the glimmering river is not something that happens every day. After a long night, a hearty breakfast helped us to regain our energy for the… Continue Reading “Day 7. Danube Excursion: Bratislava—Munich”

Day 6. Danube Excursion: Vienna—Bratislava

by Laura Kuen Vienna → Orth → Gabčíkovo → Bratislava Traveling from Vienna to Bratislava, our day’s topics branched in quite different directions: water power and nature conservation. We first visited the Austrian National Park Donau-Auen in Orth and later the Gabčíkovo Dams, Slovakia’s biggest hydroelectric plant.… Continue Reading “Day 6. Danube Excursion: Vienna—Bratislava”

Day 5. Danube Excursion: Krems—Vienna

by Christoph Netz Krems → Vienna Research Channels, Sterlets, and the Danube Island of Vienna With another early start, it was lucky that the memorable apricot jam, a local specialty, provided a good incentive to get up in time for breakfast. Only five minutes… Continue Reading “Day 5. Danube Excursion: Krems—Vienna”

Day 4. Danube Excursion: Linz—Krems

by Stefan Bitsch Linz → Hütting → Grein → Melk → Krems Dangers of the Danube: Floods and Rapids throughout History On the fourth day of our excursion, the group had the opportunity to learn from Christian Rohr (University of Bern) and Severin Hohensinner… Continue Reading “Day 4. Danube Excursion: Linz—Krems”