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Workshop: Transformations of the Earth

“Talking Transformation in Beijing” By Bailey Albrecht This piece was originally published in Edge Effects  on July 12, 2016 In Shanghai’s Natural History Museum there exists a full-sized re-creation of an African plain, complete with a herd of spooked zebras in perpetual flight from a… Continue Reading “Workshop: Transformations of the Earth”

Snapshot: Zero Waste?

At the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris, the third floor of La Grande Galerie de l’Évolution (the Great Gallery of Evolution) is dedicated to humans’ impact on the environment. This collection of garbage represents a meager portion of the waste we produce globally. The… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Zero Waste?”

CfP: The Anthropocene in Museums: Reflections, Projections and Imaginings

Date and Location: 3-4 December 2015, Deutsches Museum, Munich Convenors: Kirsten Wehner (National Museum of Australia), Libby Robin (Australian National University) Jenny Newell (American Museum of Natural History), Helmuth Trischler, Rachel Carson Center/Deutsches Museum Sponsors: Deutsches Museum, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society,… Continue Reading “CfP: The Anthropocene in Museums: Reflections, Projections and Imaginings”

Lunchtime Colloquia, Summer 2015

Watch fantastic presentations from the summer semester. 

Photo of the Week: Eliza Encheva and Stephanie Hood

Art bicycle by Netherlands-based artist Victor Sonna on display at the Welcome to the Anthropocene: The Earth in Our Hands exhibition at the Deutsches Museum. Sonna produces these disordered but functional bicycles from objects that would otherwise be destroyed, highlighting how the society of the anthropocene “will be… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Eliza Encheva and Stephanie Hood”

Help the RCC Translate the Anthropocene!

The RCC is putting together a major exhibition on the Anthropocene at the Deutsches Museum. The opening display will contain a number of quotes about the Anthropocene from major scholars. We would like to display these quotes in as many languages as possible. So… Continue Reading “Help the RCC Translate the Anthropocene!”

Anthropocene: New Temporalities, New Spatialities

Post by Helen Pallett It is perhaps self-evident that the advent of the Anthropocene, or at least its announcement, urges us to think deeply about time. Thinking the Anthropocene is simultaneously to situate human society in the context of deep geological time, to draw… Continue Reading “Anthropocene: New Temporalities, New Spatialities”