Lunchtime Colloquia, Summer 2015

Watch fantastic presentations from the summer semester. 

16 April 2015:

Jim Clifford (University of Saskatchewan) on “Mapping London’s Industry and Global Hinterlands, 1850-1914”


23 April 2015: 

Simone Müller (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) on “Contamination Guaranteed: America’s Hazardous Waste in Global Perspective”


30 April 2015:

Ruth Morgan (Monash University) on “Australindia: Australia, India, South Africa and the ecologies of empire, 1757 to 1914”


7 May 2015:

Andrea Gaynor (University of Western Australia) on “Entangled Histories: Nature and Modernity in Australia”


21 May 2015:

Victor Seow (Cornell University) on “Carbon Technocracy: East Asian Energy Regimes”


11 June 2015:

Rita Brara (University of Delhi) on “Adjudicating Resource Use: The National Green Tribunal, India”


18 June 2015:

Hal Crimmel (Weber State University) on “Drink: The Nature of Beverages and Their Connection to Place”


25 June 2015:

Joana Gaspar de Freitas (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) on “Against the Sand and the Sea: The Dunes in Coastal Defense Strategies”


2 July 2015:

Christopher Conte (Utah State University) on “Spices, Slaves and Landscape History on an Indian Ocean Island”


9 July 2015:

John Barry (Queen’s University Belfast) on “Degrowth, Green Growth, or Greening Growth: Discourses of Green Political Economy”


16 July 2015:

Dan Lewis (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens) on “Chasing Extinction: Hawaiian Avifauna Among Tropical Culture, Politics, and Law”


23 July 2015:

Sophia Kalantzakos (New York University) on “From Brussels to Beijing: A Budding Relationship to Shape the Anthropocene?”



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