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Interview: Lise Sedrez on the Samarco Tailings Dam Spill, Minas Gerais, Brazil (Part Three)

The mine tailing dam break in Bento Rodrigues, Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on 5 November 2015 has been described by the Brazilian government as the country’s worst environmental catastrophe. Robert Emmett and Claire Lagier sat down with Brazilian environmental historian Lise Sedrez at the RCC… Continue Reading “Interview: Lise Sedrez on the Samarco Tailings Dam Spill, Minas Gerais, Brazil (Part Three)”

Worldview: Antarctica

by Ingo Heidbrink Antarctica is the only continent with a permanent population of zero, and it has a strong international regulation system governing human activities from research to tourism. One might question whether an environmental history of Antarctica, beyond natural history, could therefore even… Continue Reading “Worldview: Antarctica”

Making Tracks: Joana Gaspar de Freitas

In the “Making Tracks” series, RCC fellows and alumni present their experiences in environmental humanities, retracing the paths that led them to the Rachel Carson Center. For more information, please click here. The Sea and the Sand: Building a Path in Environmental History by… Continue Reading “Making Tracks: Joana Gaspar de Freitas”

Snapshot: Trip to Herrmannsdorfer Farms

Environmental Studies Certificate Program students, with RCC staff and fellows, were lucky enough to take a tour of Herrmannsdorfer, a network of around 70 organic farmers and manufacturers in the Munich region.

CfA: RCC Fellowships 2016–17

The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society invites applications for its 2016–17 cohort of postdoctoral and senior fellows. The fellowship program is designed to bring together excellent scholars who are working in environmental history and related disciplines. The center will award fellowships to… Continue Reading “CfA: RCC Fellowships 2016–17”

CfP: “Transformations of the Earth”—International Graduate Student Workshop in Environmental History

Location: Renmin University, China Conveners: Christof Mauch (Rachel Carson Center), Mingfang Xia (Renmin University), Donald Worster (Renmin University) This conference is open to advanced graduate students and early postdocs, regardless of department, discipline, or country. The purpose of the conference is to provide promising,… Continue Reading “CfP: “Transformations of the Earth”—International Graduate Student Workshop in Environmental History”

CfA: RCC Doctoral Program “Environment and Society”

The doctoral program “Environment and Society” invites applications from graduates in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences who wish to research the complex relationships between environment and society on an interdisciplinary basis. Our program is based at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment… Continue Reading “CfA: RCC Doctoral Program “Environment and Society””

Student Research: Food Waste

by Sibylle Zavala (with Ramona Mayr and Thomas Müller), Environmental Studies Certificate Program students Our final project, and that of our fellow students, was pioneering work. As a biologist, an interculturalist, and an environmental planner, we formed a rather interdisciplinary group. We wondered what we could… Continue Reading “Student Research: Food Waste”

Student Project: Krautgarten

by Adrian Franco, LMU and Environmental Studies Certificate Program Student Which spaces at our university provide the right kind of ground for gardening? How does urban farming work, and is it realistically achievable? How can we develop an understanding of the plants we eat by… Continue Reading “Student Project: Krautgarten”

Call for Participants: User Perspectives in Library Planning

by Adrian Franco, LMU and Environmental Studies Certificate Program Student After a request made to Munich’s library directorate for information on the institution’s planned strategies for future challenges—especially management opinion on how such efforts could be harmonized with communication devices—I was kindly invited to bring fellow… Continue Reading “Call for Participants: User Perspectives in Library Planning”