“Seeing the Woods” Series

Explore fresh perspectives on environment and society through blog posts by RCC fellows, students, staff, and guests.


Bookshelf: Reviews and reflections on new and classic books in the environmental humanities

Danube: Environments, Histories, and Cultures: Report of the RCC’s 2017 place-based workshop on the Danube

Making Tracks: RCC fellows and alumni present their experiences in environmental humanities and history, retracing the paths that led them to the RCC

Silent Spring Continued: A World without Insects?: A series curated by Carson fellows, following insect stories from around the world

The Taproom: A series that delves into the rich history of beer, curated by Pavla Šimková

Trash Talks: Exposing our everyday encounters with hazardous waste (brought to you by the HazTrav research group)

Uses of Environmental History: Exploring the past and future of environmental history

Worldview: From past reflections to current insights into events from across the globe


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