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Corona Crisis, UNESCO and the Future: Do We Need a New World Heritage?

World heritage for the post-corona world? Artefacts of the Anthropocene. From Tracey Williams’s Collection “Lego Lost at Sea.” Reproduced by permission © Tracey Williams @LegoLostAtSea. By Cornelius Holtorf and Annalisa Bolin UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures, Linnaeus University, Sweden A virus has put the… Continue Reading “Corona Crisis, UNESCO and the Future: Do We Need a New World Heritage?”

Cross-Species Conversations and the Coronavirus

The hand of human intervention in mutual symbiosis and harmony with nature © Olaf Hajek By Serenella Iovino (translated by Elena Past) Zoonosis. This is one of the strange words that the onset of the coronavirus has forced us to learn. Zoonosis is a… Continue Reading “Cross-Species Conversations and the Coronavirus”

“You have to change your life!” Our Common Post-Corona Future through a Swedish Lens

Intensive care unit in Algemeen ziekenhuis St-Maarten (Saint Martin’s General Hospital) at Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium, 10 June 2018, © Ad Meskens By Sigurd Bergmann Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, we will wake up to a new society. Before everything gets better, however, everything… Continue Reading ““You have to change your life!” Our Common Post-Corona Future through a Swedish Lens”

Is Covid-19 a “Capitalocene” Challenge?

Featured image courtesy of Elisabeth Abergel By Jenia Mukherjee and Amrita Sen Rapid shifts across nine planetary boundaries, including deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and climate change, have occurred as a result of the Anthropocene. As recent advances in research suggest, political, economic, and technocratic… Continue Reading “Is Covid-19 a “Capitalocene” Challenge?”


Bushfire smoke around Parliament House, Canberra (Source: European Press Agency) By Kelly Donati In early January 2020, hitting the refresh button on The Guardian punctuated my waking hours as I obsessively tracked the movement of the bushfires from Munich. Watching from afar, sleep grew… Continue Reading “Breath”

Canberra Dispatches

Kosciuszko National Park near Thredbo (Source: Cameron Muir) By Cameron Muir The smoke has been here hanging all day or blowing in of an evening for weeks now. The kids have been indoors most of this time. Even for the last two weeks of… Continue Reading “Canberra Dispatches”

Summer’s Tempo: Bushfires, Water, and Time

A view from Toorourrong Reservoir, Kinglake National Park, Whittlesea, Victoria (Source: Ruth Morgan, 2019) By Ruth Morgan For me, the Savage Summer was televised, unfolding in my family’s living room in Perth and then a hotel room in Ooty in southern India. I’d expected… Continue Reading “Summer’s Tempo: Bushfires, Water, and Time”

The Fire Knows No Boundaries

This picture is not from the fires, but of a sacred place, Mt Yengo. It’s where Biame [a creation ancestor] stepped back into the sky. That’s why the mountain is flat. It was part of the bushfire story and is part of our Story… Continue Reading “The Fire Knows No Boundaries”

Gifts and Ghosts

By Kate Wright I’m seven years old dancing to Buddy Holly on a red rug. The warm crackle of the stylus on the vinyl rhymes with the burning wood hissing on the open fire. Carbon, once captured and condensed into living forests, is rapidly… Continue Reading “Gifts and Ghosts”

Between Here and There

Countries of origin of RCC Fellows, Rachel Carson Center (Source: Anna Pilz) By Anna Pilz I have never set foot on the continent called Australia. I am unfamiliar with its beaches, bushlands, deserts, and cityscapes, with their sounds and smells, colours and textures. It… Continue Reading “Between Here and There”