Photo of the Week: Annka Liepold

Photograph by Annka Liepold
Photograph: Annka Liepold

Annka’s photos come from her July 2014 research trip to Olivia, Minnesota in the United States. The town is known as the “Corn Capital of the World,” and is home to nine seed research sites. Corn seed breeding remains a very “hands on” job (photo above), but husking for the public corn feed—part of the “Corn Capital Days” event celebrated annually in Olivia—involves many of the city’s inhabitants in the process (photo below).

Photograph taken by Annka Liepold
Photograph: Annka Liepold

Annka, RCC Communications Associate, is undertaking her PhD on corn in the nineteenth century. She is currently on a six-month exchange with the University of Kansas, Lawrence, in cooperation with the Rachel Carson Center.

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