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Transformations in Environment and Society

by Arielle Helmick In February 2018, a group of Carson fellows and staff headed to Abu Dhabi—not for a mid-winter beach trip, but rather for the inaugural collaborative workshop between the RCC and the newly founded Earth Humanities Research Initiative at New York University… Continue Reading “Transformations in Environment and Society”

CfP: Workshop on Human Niche Construction

Date: 16–17 October 2015 Location: Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich Conveners: Maurits Ertsen, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands; Edmund Russell, University of Kansas, USA; Christof Mauch, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Germany In changing their environment, organisms change… Continue Reading “CfP: Workshop on Human Niche Construction”

Environmentalism from Below

Appraising the Efficacy of Small-Scale and Subaltern Environmentalist Organizations By Marianna Dudley As the recent World Congress of Environmental History in Guimaraes (Portugal) confirmed, our discipline is a truly international endeavour. But while conferences provide opportunities to present work, discuss ideas and make new… Continue Reading “Environmentalism from Below”

CfP: “From Fossil to Renewable Energies?”

Submissions are invited for a one-day workshop entitled “From Fossil to Renewable Energies? Energy Regimes, the Environment and International Relations, 1970s to Today”. The Workshop will take place in Bologna in May 2014 (exact date and location to be confirmed), and will be divided… Continue Reading “CfP: “From Fossil to Renewable Energies?””