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Make Meadows, Not Lawns

“The Heart of the Ecosystem: Taking Responsibility for the Extinction of Bees” By Rosamund Portus *Featured image: A roundabout in Mössingen, the “City of Flowers.” Photo: UnreifeKirsche [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons. When we think of extinction, we tend to think of a… Continue Reading “Make Meadows, Not Lawns”

The Bellflower Specialists

Read the first part of this post, Insect Profile: Chelostoma rapunculi. “Bees of Öland, Sweden: An Interview with Heidi Dobson” By Eunice Blavascunas and Alie J. Zagata Professor Heidi Dobson is a member of the Department of Biology at Whitman College. She spends her… Continue Reading “The Bellflower Specialists”