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Snapshot: Our Future in the Anthropocene

On 15 September the Deutsches Museum hosted a Zukunftskongress (Future Congress) together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Club of Rome; the event brought together international visionaries, experts, and activists to discuss ways to tackle problems such as… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Our Future in the Anthropocene”

Snapshot: Invasive Tiger Mosquito at the Deutsches Museum

  Yes, we’ve all heard about invasive species being one of the challenges of the future, but does it really concern us individually? It does—when it means that we are legally required to cut down old and beloved trees in our garden because they… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Invasive Tiger Mosquito at the Deutsches Museum”

Help the RCC Translate the Anthropocene!

The RCC is putting together a major exhibition on the Anthropocene at the Deutsches Museum. The opening display will contain a number of quotes about the Anthropocene from major scholars. We would like to display these quotes in as many languages as possible. So… Continue Reading “Help the RCC Translate the Anthropocene!”