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Worldview: Regressive Research Policy in Argentina

By Samantha Rothbart The National Scientific and Technical Research Council is in trouble. This was in the email sent to the RCC blog team by Carson alumna María Valeria Berros on 21st December 2016. She was standing alongside her fellow colleagues and scientists in… Continue Reading “Worldview: Regressive Research Policy in Argentina”

Marriage Trees

“My Tree in Another’s Backyard” By Anna Leah Tabios Hillebrecht The first half of September found me in Santa Fe, Argentina, as part of the academic exchange on Transatlantic Perspectives on the Rights of Nature, cosponsored by BayLat and the Rachel Carson Center. It was… Continue Reading “Marriage Trees”

Worldview: Taking Care of the “Yaguareté” in the Littoral Region of Argentina

by María Valeria Berros When you walk around the Littoral region, northeast Argentina, you seldom hear the word “jaguar.” Here and across Argentina the Guaraní expression “yaguareté,” meaning “the real beast,” is more common. The presence of the yaguareté in many famous stories, songs, and… Continue Reading “Worldview: Taking Care of the “Yaguareté” in the Littoral Region of Argentina”

Student Project: The Birth of Geoengineering

by Martin Meiske Congratulations to RCC doctoral program member Martin Meiske, who received the prize for the best poster at the 2015 ESEH conference in Versailles. In his poster he presented his dissertation project on “The Birth of Geoengineering: Large-scale Engineering Projects in the Early… Continue Reading “Student Project: The Birth of Geoengineering”

Worldview: Environmental Conflicts and Interdisciplinarity in Argentina

by María Valeria Berros Environmental issues are highly debated in today’s Argentina, and are researched across a range of disciplines—political science, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, literature, and law—as problems linking nature protection, development, and poverty. Analysis has begun to focus on disciplines where the ecological… Continue Reading “Worldview: Environmental Conflicts and Interdisciplinarity in Argentina”