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Making Tracks: Pitching the Anthropocene: On Global Media Work and the World to Come

By Dominic Hinde From around the age of 15, I think I had wanted to be a journalist, and in the pre-Amazon time before print publishing’s great data-driven reckoning I would go to the branch of the British book chain Waterstones in my local town and buy autobiographies and memoirs by foreign and war correspondents.

The Anthropocene: Challenging the Disciplines

Workshop Report (8 April 2019, Vienna, Austria) Vienna Anthropocene Network, University of Vienna By Eugenio Luciano On 8 April 2019, the University of Vienna hosted the workshop “The Anthropocene: Challenging the Disciplines” organized by the recently established Vienna Anthropocene Network. The 12th floor Sky… Continue Reading “The Anthropocene: Challenging the Disciplines”

“The Anthropocene: Where on Earth Are We Going?”

We are pleased to present a video of the keynote speech from the opening of The Anthropocene Project, a transdisciplinary investigation into the Anthropocene hypothesis, which states that Earth has entered a new geological epoch in which mankind itself has become a dominant geophysical… Continue Reading ““The Anthropocene: Where on Earth Are We Going?””