Snapshot: Valeria Berros Wins Berta Càceres Award

At the 2nd Conference for the Defense of the Environment and Good Living, alumna Valeria Berros was among the recipients of the Berta Cáceres Award, conferred by the Network of Women Defenders of the Environment and Good Living (RedDABV), together with authorities of the Argentinian senate. Named for the Honduran environmental activist and feminist Berta Cáceres, who was murdered in 2016, the award recognizes women’s achievements in defending human and environmental rights.

Valeria was recognized for her work as a scholar and activist on the rights of nature, as well as for the efforts of her NGO Capibara Santa Fe Naturaleza, Derecho y Sociedad (Nature, Law, and Society).

The awards ceremony was preceded by a plenary session on the current challenges of eco-feminism in Argentina.


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