CfA: Early Stage (Doctoral) Researcher


Early Stage Researcher (Doctoral Researcher) Position:
Transforming the Bavarian Forest: Socio-ecological Crises, Community Resilience, and Sustainability from a Historical Perspective

The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society is seeking a highly motivated Early Stage Researcher (ESR) to undertake doctoral studies and participate in a broad range of scientific and professional training as part of an H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network in Resourceful and Resilient Community Environmental Practice (RECOMS).


RECOMS is comprised of a transdisciplinary consortium of scientists, practitioners and change agents from eleven public (universities and government research centres), private and non-profit organisations, located in six European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, Germany, and The Netherlands. It is funded by the European Commission (2018–2022). The purpose of RECOMS is to train 15 ESRs (doctoral candidates) in innovative, transdisciplinary, and transformative approaches to promoting and facilitating resourceful and resilient community environmental practice. By delivering an advanced programme of training in both scientific and professional skills, RECOMS will enable ESRs to pursue an academic career or high-level professional career in the public, private, or third sector (e.g. government, university, NGO, consultancy, business or charitable body).


For individual project information, please click on the position above. All RECOMS ESRs will take part in collaborative research and training activities and will receive full funding and comprehensive academic support and supervision for their doctoral research project.

A core feature of the RECOMS programme—both with respect to informing the design and delivery of all the training, as well as enabling and maximising opportunities for knowledge exchange through research and associated outputs—will be the incorporation of a broad range of visual and creative research methods and modes of communication.

If you are highly motivated, prepared to think and learn across disciplines, institutional boundaries, and wider society, and wish to be part of an international network specialising in resourceful and resilient community environmental practice, then this ESR vacancy could be the ideal appointment for you.

For a complete job description, including information on how to apply, please click here.


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