Lunchtime Colloquia, Winter Semester 2015/2016

Lise Sedrez on “A Man, a Woman and an Island in Guanabara Bay: How Two Scientists Turned a Hydrobiology Station into a Pollution Monitoring Center in 1950s Rio de Janeiro”


Kirsten Wehner on “Towards an Ecological Museology: Integrating ‘Nature’ and ‘Culture’ at the National Museum of Australia”


Filippo Bertoni on “Extracting Life: Open Pit Mines on a Mars Analog”


Salma Monani on “Indigenous Ecocinema: Animating Relations, Unsettling Spaces”


Vimbai Kwashirai on “Transformations in Environment and Society in Makonde District, Zimbabwe – 2000-2015”


Bernd Draser on “On Natural and Cultural Resources: The Ecosign Approach to Sustainable Design”


Tom Brookings on “Telling Transformations: The Slow Emergence of Environmental History in New Zealand 1843-2015”


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