CfA: PhD/Doctoral Researchers in Collaboration with ENHANCE ITN

The Rachel Carson Center is participating in a new European graduate training network, the Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe (ENHANCE) Innovative Training Network (ITN).

ENHANCE ITN is now seeking outstanding applicants for 12 PhD/doctoral researchers. Please see the program website for information about eligibility, stipends, and the research partners.

Three doctoral fellows will be hosted at the Rachel Carson Center at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich and one at the Deutsches Museum, with two teams working on the topics “Climates of Memory” and “Climates of Risk” within the larger network, which includes four additional fellows at the Environmental Humanities Research Group at the University of Leeds and four at the Environmental Humanities Lab at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. These European-funded positions begin 1 October 2015 and include professional opportunities to work with organizational partners, including the Bündnis Mensch und Tier Stiftung and several others in the UK, Sweden, and Germany. All applications for the Munich-based positions should be submitted through the LMU Graduate Center portal.

Deadline: 15 May 2015

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