CfP: Trans-Environmental Dynamics: Understanding and Debating Ontologies, Politics, and History in Latin America

29–31 October 2015, LMU Munich

Sponsored by LMU Munich, in cooperation with the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

Conveners: Eveline Dürr (LMU Munich), Ernst Halbmayer (University of Marburg), and Karoline Noack (University of Bonn)

This upcoming conference on Latin America links into current debates among diverse conceptualizations of the environment and thus of various ways of knowing, making sense of, and interacting in given world(s).

Key questions to be asked include:

  • What is the role of transcultural encounters in shaping and creating diverse/overlapping ontologies and how does this shape trans-environmental processes?
  • What is the role of ontological differences for the understanding of current conflict dynamics and their possible resolution, as well as power relations and the physical, symbolic and epistemic violence involved in such processes?
  • In which forms are such ontological differences expressed, enacted, or negotiated? What happens if they are ignored or misunderstood?
  • Do such conflicts provoke the emergence of new forms of trans-environmental landscapes or make visible hidden counter-landscapes that are beyond the official and legitimate perceptions? What role do historical trajectories play in these processes?

General topics may include:

  • Socioeconomic conflicts and political environmental interactions,
  • Environmental issues and cultural heritage,
  • Historic (dis-)continuities in environmental conceptions.

We particularly invite actor-oriented contributions from anthropology and its neighboring disciplines based on empirically grounded studies. Provided we can secure funding, we will cover the costs for travel, accommodation, and conference participation for presenters.

To apply, please submit an abstract of 400 words. The deadline is 12 January 2015. For further information please see here.

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