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Video: Donald Worster on “Facing Limits: Abundance, Scarcity, and the American Way of Life”

The Rachel Carson Center has produced a series of video interviews with fellows and associates regarding their work. Below is one video from this series. For the complete playlist (55 videos), click here.

Questioning the Limits to Growth: Responses to a Lecture by Dennis Meadows

Following Dennis Meadows’ lecture, “The Limits to Growth and the Future of Humanity,” which was given at the Amerika Haus in Munich on Tuesday, 4 December 2012, the RCC is making available the slides used during the presentation and the questions collected from the…

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree: “The Limits to Growth” through the Generations

By Annka Liepold; published in conjuction with a lecture by Dennis Meadows, co-author of The Limits to Growth, an event co-sponsored by the RCC. Growing up, most people are told by their parents what they can do to make this planet better. I remember…