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Student Research: Permaculture – Alternative Agriculture, part 1

Last year, students of the RCC Environmental Studies Certificate Program had the opportunity to attend a three-day workshop with Jochen Koller, Diploma Permaculture-Designer and Director of the Forschungsinstitut für Permakultur und Transition (FIPT). Students gained an insight into the ethics and design principles of permaculture,…

Snapshot: Zero Waste?

At the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris, the third floor of La Grande Galerie de l’Évolution (the Great Gallery of Evolution) is dedicated to humans’ impact on the environment. This collection of garbage represents a meager portion of the waste we produce globally. The…

Snapshot: Public Recycling in Versailles

Research Associate Susanne Darabas dividing waste into public recycling bins in Versailles, during a visit to the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) conference 2015. Photograph: Stephanie Hood.