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The Last Kindred Spirit of Moths and Butterflies

Check out the first installment of this post, Insect Profile: The Apollo. “An interview with Andreas Segerer”  by Susanne Schmitt and Birgit Müller We are standing in a hallway across from a hidden treasure: the world’s largest collection of butterflies and moths, holding about… Continue Reading “The Last Kindred Spirit of Moths and Butterflies”

Student Research: Pollinators – The New Buzzword?

“Pollinator Declines: Impacts on Biodiversity and Agriculture” By Stephanye Zarama-Alvarado Think of the evolution of life. Imagine how diverse species have blossomed since Precambrian times and how they fit together to create a delicate ecological balance on our planet. Though hominids have been in the natural… Continue Reading “Student Research: Pollinators – The New Buzzword?”