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A Whale of a Time

*Featured image: Sperm whales under attack, from Thomas Beale’s The Natural History of the Sperm Whale (1839). Photo: The New York Public Library via rawpixel, public domain. By: Daniel Dumas Zodiac crossings of rough seas, imperial expansion, and narratives of resistance and resilience. This… Continue Reading “A Whale of a Time”

Outsmarting Technology: Elephants as Non-Human-Actors in Wildlife Conflicts

By Ursula Münster What differentiates humans from other animals is a question that has long occupied scholars in the life sciences and humanities alike. For the conservation biologists, farmers, and indigenous Adivasis I met during my ethnographic fieldwork at a wildlife sanctuary in South… Continue Reading “Outsmarting Technology: Elephants as Non-Human-Actors in Wildlife Conflicts”