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Exploring the Po River Delta: An Experiment in Digital Multimedia Storytelling

By Giacomo Parrinello (Link to multimedia map) One of the most important things I have learnt over these years of research is that the “archives of the feet” is as vital to history as it is to geography. Historians, and especially environmental historians, should… Continue Reading “Exploring the Po River Delta: An Experiment in Digital Multimedia Storytelling”

Making Tracks: Giacomo Parrinello

In the “Making Tracks” series, RCC fellows and alumni present their experiences in environmental humanities, retracing the paths that led them to the Rachel Carson Center. For more information, please click here. An Initiation Into Environmental History By Giacomo Parrinello I first heard of… Continue Reading “Making Tracks: Giacomo Parrinello”

Photo of the Week: Giacomo Parrinello

This photo depicts a detail of the Cretto, a massive and contested land-art piece conceived by Italian artist Alberto Burri and realized between 1984 and 1988. The piece is located in Western Sicily, Italy, in an area struck by a major seismic disaster in… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Giacomo Parrinello”

Research Roundup #2

Welcome to the second installment of the Research Roundup, Seeing the Woods’ quarterly listing of recent publications in the environmental humanities by staff and fellows at the Rachel Carson Center. (For the first installment, please click here.) Please use the following links to jump… Continue Reading “Research Roundup #2”