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How New Are the Renewables? Historicizing Energy Transitions

Workshop Report (21–23 February 2018, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany) By Odinn Melsted *All images courtesy of the author In February of 2018, the Deutsches Museum in Munich, in cooperation with the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, hosted the academic workshop “How New Are… Continue Reading “How New Are the Renewables? Historicizing Energy Transitions”

Student Research: Break Free 2016

“Ende Gelände” for the Fossil Fuel Industry By Alexander Gorski (Environmental Studies Certificate Program student) Over the first two weeks of May this year, a global network of organizations and individuals from six continents united for the Break Free 2016 campaign, taking action against… Continue Reading “Student Research: Break Free 2016”

Videos: Lunchtime Colloquia, April

We have had some more exciting talks in our lunchtime colloquium series this month! Check out the videos below. For more videos, including a series of short interviews with fellows about their research at the RCC, please visit our YouTube channel. Angelika Krebs:  “‘And… Continue Reading “Videos: Lunchtime Colloquia, April”

CfP: “From Fossil to Renewable Energies?”

Submissions are invited for a one-day workshop entitled “From Fossil to Renewable Energies? Energy Regimes, the Environment and International Relations, 1970s to Today”. The Workshop will take place in Bologna in May 2014 (exact date and location to be confirmed), and will be divided… Continue Reading “CfP: “From Fossil to Renewable Energies?””

Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch

Dalton Highway, Alaska, on the way to Deadhorse, near the Arctic Ocean. This photo was taken close to an oil pumping station. Dalton Highway was built to transport oil. Before the highway, the area looked like the top half of this photo. (Please click… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch”