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Uses of Environmental History: Lise Sedrez

This is the sixth in a series of posts exploring the uses of environmental history. The series has been adapted from contributions to a roundtable forum published in the first issue of the new Journal for Ecological History, edited by Renmin University’s Center for Ecological History. “Of Water, Narratives,… Continue Reading “Uses of Environmental History: Lise Sedrez”

Worldview: Doce River Disaster

“The Bitterness of the Doce River—One Year Later” By Lise Sedrez It was way worse than I thought. Over the last three days, with a group of colleagues, I looked at the Rio Doce and asked myself how we could have done this to… Continue Reading “Worldview: Doce River Disaster”

Nice Weather (If You’re a Newt)

Chaos and Resilience in Human and Natural Ecosystems Post by Kieko Matteson Spring 2013 saw some of the worst flooding in central European history. After a relentlessly rainy May, in which nearly every day of the month was marked by unseasonably cold temperatures and… Continue Reading “Nice Weather (If You’re a Newt)”

Danube Floods Present and Past: Exploring Historic Precedents Through the Arcadia project

Post by Andreas Grieger Germany is currently experiencing record floods along some of its major rivers. Earlier this week, the Danube surpassed its historical flood mark from 1501 and reached an unprecedented height of 12.60m, flooding the entire historic district of the city of… Continue Reading “Danube Floods Present and Past: Exploring Historic Precedents Through the Arcadia project”

A Note on Recent Floods and Relocation in Australia

Post by Ina Richter The year 2013 is still fairly young but already there have been major natural disasters. Among these are the tremendous floods in the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales, brought on by Cyclone Oswald. The cyclone had formed… Continue Reading “A Note on Recent Floods and Relocation in Australia”

Five Minutes with a Fellow: Andrea Kiss

Five Minutes with a Fellow offers a brief glimpse into what inspires researchers in the environmental humanities. The interviews feature current and former fellows from the Rachel Carson Center. Andrea Kiss holds an MSc in geography, MAs in history and Hungarian medieval studies from… Continue Reading “Five Minutes with a Fellow: Andrea Kiss”