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Tracing Landscape Change through Dung Beetles

As part of the ongoing series Silent Spring Continued: A World without Insects, environmental anthropolgist Olea Morris recounts how fieldwork in Mexico introduced her to the world of dung beetles. This post follows on from Olea’s Insect Profile on dung beetles. *Featured Image: Dung… Continue Reading “Tracing Landscape Change through Dung Beetles”

Insect Portrait: The Dung Beetle

By Olea Morris The family of insects known as “dung beetle,” or escarabajos del estiercol, is a diverse one—even amongst those that make the same misty cloud forests of Mexico their home. Some, like Onthophagus corrosus, are jet black and no bigger than the… Continue Reading “Insect Portrait: The Dung Beetle”

Portrait of an Insect Lover: Alexandra Magro

This piece was written by Birgit Müller, anthropologist and curator of the series “Silent Spring Continued: A World without Insects,” based on an interview with Alexandra Magro, an evolutionary ecologist working on, among other things, the life strategies of ladybird beetles. By Birgit Müller… Continue Reading “Portrait of an Insect Lover: Alexandra Magro”