Lunchtime Colloquia, 2020-21

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Cherry Leonardi on “Governing the Bush in South Sudanese History,” 5 November 2020

Johanna Conterio on “Green Moscow: Urban Planning, Social Engineering, and the Politics of Green Space in the USSR, 1931–1941,” 12 November 2020

Ute Hasenöhrl on “Contested Nightscapes: Illuminating Colonial Bombay, 1830s–1940s,” 19 November 2020

Lauri Lahikainen on “Environmental Philosophy for Cities: The Case of Climate Change and Responsibility,” 26 November 2020

Alessandro Rippa, Roger Norum, and Huiying Ng on “Environing Infrastructure: China’s ‘Green’ Developments in Southeast Asia,” 3 December 2020

Stephen Milder on “The Making of “Green Germany:” The Emergence of Climate Politics in the 1980s and 1990s,” 10 December 2020

Michael Schüring on “The Runway: An Object-Orientated Protest History of the Frankfurt Airport Extension, 1962–1987,” 17 December 2020

Milica Prokic on “‘Nature’ and Narratives of the Infamous Yugoslav Prisonscape,” 7 January 2021

Stefan Dorondel on “River Islands as Webs of Life: States, Communities, and Nature along the River Danube,” 14 January 2021

William San Martín on “Unequal Futures: Linking Nitrogen Species, Epistemologies, Ontologies in Sustainable Development Governance,” 21 January 2021

George Kallis on “Limits, Degrowth, and Environmental Justice,” 28 January 2021

Shawn Miller on “Human Dreams and Environmental Realities on the Long Unfinished Pan American Highway” 4 February 2021

Alfonso Donoso on “Climate Injustice in a More-Than-Human World,” 11 February 2021

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