Lunchtime Colloquia, 2020

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Cherry Leonardi on “Governing the Bush in South Sudanese History,” 5 November 2020

Johanna Conterio on “Green Moscow: Urban Planning, Social Engineering, and the Politics of Green Space in the USSR, 1931–1941,” 12 November 2020

Ute Hasenöhrl on “Contested Nightscapes: Illuminating Colonial Bombay, 1830s–1940s,” 19 November 2020

Lauri Lahikainen on “Environmental Philosophy for Cities: The Case of Climate Change and Responsibility,” 26 November 2020

Alessandro Rippa, Roger Norum, and Huiying Ng on “Environing Infrastructure: China’s ‘Green’ Developments in Southeast Asia,” 3 December 2020

Stephen Milder on “The Making of “Green Germany:” The Emergence of Climate Politics in the 1980s and 1990s,” 10 December 2020