Oceans, tourism development, geopolitics, Anthropocene, and much more during the 2018 summer semester at the Rachel Carson Center.

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12 April 2018:

Serenella Iovino on “Reading the Anthropocene with Italo Calvino”

19 April 2018:

Jennifer Lee Johnson on “A Dying Lake, a Living Sea, and Other Bodies of Water”

Helen Rozwadowski on “Wild Blue: The Ocean as Frontier and the Law of the Sea”

26 April 2018:

Aleksandar Shopov on “Urban Farming and Leasing in Early Modern Istanbul”

3 May 2018:

Ekin Gündüz Özdemirci on “Ecological Identities in New Turkish Cinema”

17 May 2018:

Katherine Morrissey on “Visual Legacies along the US-Mexico Border”

24 May 2018:

Merita Dollma on “Tourism Development in Albania’s Protected Areas”

7 June 2018:

Birgit Müller on “Glyphosate: A Love Story”

14 June 2018:

Harald Lesch on “Science, Society, Signs”

Read Roberta Biasillo’s blog post, which was inspired by Dr. Lesch’s talk.

21 June 2018:

Anna-Katharina Woebse on “Modern Swamps: A Visual History of European Wetlands”

28 June 2018:

Sverker Sörlin on “Thinking through Transition: Historical Knowledge in Swedish Climate Policy”

05 July 2018:

Qing Pei on “Climate Change and Economic Development across Eurasia”

12 July 2018:

Margaret Lowman on “Saving the Forests of Ethiopia, One Church at a Time”

Tait Keller on “Energy Geopolitics during the First World War”


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