The RCC in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) recently published an article about the Rachel Carson Center’s successful evaluation. The article described the history of the Rachel Carson Center and its goal of becoming the leading international and interdisciplinary center for environmental researchers, with a strong focus on the humanities. It also notes that the RCC constitutes an important part of the Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians University. In the article the LMU President, Bernd Huber, points out that there is a significant movement to strengthen the influence of the humanities and social sciences in environmental discussions.

The article explains how the significance of the RCC can be seen in its relevant figures. In its first six years, for example, the RCC was able to draw on 14 million euros for its various projects. More than 120 researchers have taken up fellowships lasting between three and twelve months at the RCC. Mauch highlights how a visit to the RCC will allow you to meet academics from at least four continents. Mauch also explains how the RCC emphasizes free space to think, allowing researchers to pursue their projects in the company of academics from diverse fields.

The article notes how the RCC sees itself as a think tank capable of having an impact on not just academia but society more generally. For instance, the article mentions the Green Visions film series and the RCC-sponsored Anthropocene Exhibition at the Deutsches Museum.

The RCC is delighted to have been featured in a major German newspaper and is grateful to the SZ for allowing us to publish a summary of their article. To read the original German article, please click here.

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