John Agbonifo To Help Found African Network of Environmental Humanities

RCC alumnus John Agbonifo is part of team that is in the process of creating the African Network of Environmental Humanities (ANEH). The ANEH is a new multidisciplinary association of scholars resident in Africa and abroad who share a common passion to explore and understand the nexus between human societies and the environment, and how the humanities influences scholarly understanding of that connection. The ANEH will address the dearth of African humanities scholarship on how the environment shapes human societies and vice versa.

In a statement about the new network, John Agbonifo writes that “The origin of the African Network of Environmental Humanities can be traced to the initial conversations with Christof Mauch, Rachel Carson Center (RCC), Munich, who readily supported the idea, and offered to assist in birthing the Network in every way possible.”

Other founding members include Noah Attah (Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Nigeria), Djanabou Bakary (Uni­ver­sity of Maroua, Cameroon), David Olanya (University of Gulu, Uganda), Daisy Ebeniro (University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria), and Tony Olusanya (Osun State University, Nigeria).

The RCC congratulates John for his involvement in this groundbreaking initiative and looks forward to supporting and engaging with the ANEH.

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