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Seeing the Woods is run by the Rachel Carson Center. We welcome contributions from scholars, students, and professionals in the environmental humanities, social sciences, and environmental history. Contributions should be relevant to the work carried out at the RCC and support and further its mission. Posts we would be interested in include commentaries on current events from an environmental humanities perspective, impressions from a relevant conference or other event, thoughts on a development in the field, and presentations of interesting resources or new research. We encourage creativity, we are open to many different kinds of writing.

For more detailed information on making a submission, see here.

One Comment on “Contact and Submissions

  1. I have read with interest the article on your blog Make Meadows not Lawns. We have 33 acres of Greenway in our community in Magnolia Delaware and we are transitioning it to meadows from lawn. I would like to share your article with our community to show that we are on the right path. Would it be OK to take your article and put it in a presentation to our community?


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