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Bushfire smoke around Parliament House, Canberra (Source: European Press Agency) By Kelly Donati In early January 2020, hitting the refresh button on The Guardian punctuated my waking hours as I obsessively tracked the movement of the bushfires from Munich. Watching from afar, sleep grew… Continue Reading “Breath”

Canberra Dispatches

Kosciuszko National Park near Thredbo (Source: Cameron Muir) By Cameron Muir The smoke has been here hanging all day or blowing in of an evening for weeks now. The kids have been indoors most of this time. Even for the last two weeks of… Continue Reading “Canberra Dispatches”

Summer’s Tempo: Bushfires, Water, and Time

A view from Toorourrong Reservoir, Kinglake National Park, Whittlesea, Victoria (Source: Ruth Morgan, 2019) By Ruth Morgan For me, the Savage Summer was televised, unfolding in my family’s living room in Perth and then a hotel room in Ooty in southern India. I’d expected… Continue Reading “Summer’s Tempo: Bushfires, Water, and Time”

The Fire Knows No Boundaries

This picture is not from the fires, but of a sacred place, Mt Yengo. It’s where Biame [a creation ancestor] stepped back into the sky. That’s why the mountain is flat. It was part of the bushfire story and is part of our Story… Continue Reading “The Fire Knows No Boundaries”

Gifts and Ghosts

By Kate Wright I’m seven years old dancing to Buddy Holly on a red rug. The warm crackle of the stylus on the vinyl rhymes with the burning wood hissing on the open fire. Carbon, once captured and condensed into living forests, is rapidly… Continue Reading “Gifts and Ghosts”

Between Here and There

Countries of origin of RCC Fellows, Rachel Carson Center (Source: Anna Pilz) By Anna Pilz I have never set foot on the continent called Australia. I am unfamiliar with its beaches, bushlands, deserts, and cityscapes, with their sounds and smells, colours and textures. It… Continue Reading “Between Here and There”

Smoke, Black Cockatoos, and Banksias

Stirling Ranges, Western Australia (Source: Terri Anne Allen) By Jessica White In November 2019, before I flew to Munich, I stayed with my parents in Armidale, New South Wales. National parks, farms, and properties between the town and the coast were on fire and,… Continue Reading “Smoke, Black Cockatoos, and Banksias”

Watch and Act, Summer

Susan Ballard, Tree scratchings, Wollongong, November 2019 By Susan Ballard At first, there are only a couple of photos. The usual places: the Guardian, Instagram, Facebook. I trace the fire as it creeps down and across the Southern Highlands, through the deep gullies of… Continue Reading “Watch and Act, Summer”

Matter of Degrees

*Featured image: Australian bushfires from space, 2019 (CC BY SA 3.0) By Anna Pilz and Kate Wright In early January 2020, we began discussing the possibility of curating a collection of creative and intellectual work about the bushfire crisis devastating unceded Aboriginal countries in… Continue Reading “Matter of Degrees”

Annotated Bibliography

Australian bushfires as viewed from the International Space Station, 4 January 2020, NASA ISS (CC BY-SA 3.0) Compiled by Jayne Regan The destructive scale of the 2019-2020 Australian fire season was reported around the world. This multilingual bibliography—collated with the help of RCC associates—offers… Continue Reading “Annotated Bibliography”