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Photo of the Week: Giacomo Parrinello

This photo depicts a detail of the Cretto, a massive and contested land-art piece conceived by Italian artist Alberto Burri and realized between 1984 and 1988. The piece is located in Western Sicily, Italy, in an area struck by a major seismic disaster in… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Giacomo Parrinello”

Photo of the Week: Gijs Mom

“A bit embarrassed I sit here on a hand-pulled rickshaw in Kolkata, just after having visited a rickshaw repair workshop. It takes some time to get used to be pulled by a human being, not only morally, but also physically: the seat is surprisingly… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Gijs Mom”

Photo of the Week: Ingo K. Heidbrink

Ny Herrnhut or Herrnhuthuset. The building was constructed in 1747 as the center of the Moravian Brethren Mission to Greenland. The timber for the construction was imported from the Netherlands due to the lack of local building supplies in Greenland. Herrnhuthuset is located on the outskirts of… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Ingo K. Heidbrink”

Photos of the Week: Erka Urtnast

Only 10% of the Mongolian population are herders. However, their culture dominates perceptions of the country. In this photo series, taken 21-24 June 2008, Dr. Erdenetuya Urtnast offers a glimpse of the landscape and customs of Mongolia outside of the cities.

Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch

Wiseman, Alaska. Formerly a gold-diggers town. Wiseman now has 13 inhabitants: eskimos, indians, and a family from Bavaria. On the road to the graveyard of the town is this container with beer cans. Most people go to the closest city only two or three… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch”

Photo of the Week: Sigurd Bergmann

Holy places and sites are called “mazar” in the popular Islam of Kyrgyzstan (a synthesis of traditional “immigrated” Islam and older shamanic folk religion). The Mazar Manjyly Ata is one of the largest in the country; it is about half size of Munich’s English… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Sigurd Bergmann”

Photo of the Week: Shane McCorristine

This photo was taken a few months ago at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in northern Canada. The sun is currently in a period of solar maximum and Churchill lies directly in the auroral zone, allowing for a series of fantastic displays in February… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Shane McCorristine”

Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch

Dalton Highway, Alaska, on the way to Deadhorse, near the Arctic Ocean. This photo was taken close to an oil pumping station. Dalton Highway was built to transport oil. Before the highway, the area looked like the top half of this photo. (Please click… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch”

Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch

This is a beach in Malibu. It is one of the most expensive places on the planet: the smallest bungalow is a multimillion dollar property. The sea is eating the land away. The sand is public but the owners are protecting their properties by… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week: Christof Mauch”

Photo of the Week – Grace Karskens

The Penrith Lakes Scheme area near Sydney, Australia, taken from Hawkesbury Lookout. The photo shows the surviving river flats and farms, the open cut gravel pits, the new lakes forming, the Nepean River on the right, and the foothills of the Lapstone Monocline (the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Week – Grace Karskens”