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Snapshot: “Beyond Doom and Gloom: An Exploration Through Letters”—A New Virtual Exhibition

By Katrin Kleemann The Environment & Society Portal has launched a new virtual exhibition, curated by Elin Kelsey. It is a collection of letters that addresses the cultural concept of “doom and gloom” with regard to the issues we are currently facing at the beginning… Continue Reading “Snapshot: “Beyond Doom and Gloom: An Exploration Through Letters”—A New Virtual Exhibition”

Snapshot: Busy Urban Mining Bees

The warm temperatures we saw here in Munich at the beginning of April were likely the trigger for the frantic mating spectacle of Andrena mining bees. These busy little bees overwinter in burrows and over the course of a few days in spring, the adults emerge to reproduce. A frenzy ensues… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Busy Urban Mining Bees”

Snapshot: “Consuming the World” workshop, RCC, 11–12 March 2016

The workshop “Consuming the World: Eating and Drinking in Culture, History, and Environment” took place at the Rachel Carson Center on 11–12 March and brought together scholars from a range of disciplines for two days of discussions on food, culture, history, and the environment.… Continue Reading “Snapshot: “Consuming the World” workshop, RCC, 11–12 March 2016”

Bavarian Beavers Remind Us of Lent

Walking along the Isar and Würm rivers in Munich you can see the remnants of trees that have been felled by the resident, nonhuman “ecological engineers.” Conservationists are delighted by the success of beaver reintroduction programs, but residents on the receiving end of beaver-related… Continue Reading “Bavarian Beavers Remind Us of Lent”

Snapshot: Fur seals at the beach close to the former whaling station … on South Georgia.

For several decades at the beginning of the twentieth century the remote island of South Georgia, approximately 1,400 kilometers east of the southern tip of South America, was the center of the global whaling and sealing industries.

Snapshot: Invasive Tiger Mosquito at the Deutsches Museum

  Yes, we’ve all heard about invasive species being one of the challenges of the future, but does it really concern us individually? It does—when it means that we are legally required to cut down old and beloved trees in our garden because they… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Invasive Tiger Mosquito at the Deutsches Museum”

Snapshot: Distant Transformations

by Maya Schmitt and Katrin Kleemann Close to Las Negras, southeast Spain, is a site of historical and geological significance. Our exploration through an old “Seifenlagerstätte” (placer deposit) stretch had us intrigued by its thousands of garnet minerals. These were spread out, attached or… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Distant Transformations”

Snapshot: Food Markets, Yunnan, China

Locals in Dali, China, shop for food, carrying goods in baskets on their backs. Locally-grown rice, wheat, vegetables, and tobacco are brought weekly to the Monday market in the village of Shaping. 

Snapshot: Earthquake simulation at the Museum Mensch und Natur

What do you have to do when you experience an earthquake? Perhaps you might seek shelter under a table or under a doorframe. If you are a geologist, however, you also need to collect data and measure what you are experiencing. In case you… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Earthquake simulation at the Museum Mensch und Natur”

Snapshot: Climate March München

Carson Fellows gathered on Sunday 29 November for the Munich Climate March. The biggest climate demonstration in Munich, organized by Fossil Free München and partners (including Bürgerlobby Klimaschutz, BenE München, Clean Energy Project, LBV München, Plant for the Planet, sneep e.V., and WissenLeben e.V.) was held ahead of… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Climate March München”