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Doctoral Students Attend Workshop

Environment and Society doctoral candidates Ruhi Deol and Vikas Lakhani participated in a workshop entitled “Risk, Livelihoods, Capacity, Recovery, Insurance, and Tourism” on 24 May 2016, organized by Prof. Dr. Gordon Winder of the Geography Department at LMU, and the RCC. They presented their… Continue Reading “Doctoral Students Attend Workshop”

Snapshot: Hochschultage Science Slam

The Hochschultage Munich, cosponsored by the RCC, took place in the second week of June this year. Following a stimulating talk given by Oliver Richters at the RCC’s weekly Lunchtime Colloquium, speakers and spectators gathered in the evening for some creative wordplay at the Expert Slam. Contestants and organizers gave… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Hochschultage Science Slam”

Snapshot: Lunchtime Colloquium

The RCC’s weekly lunchtime colloquium series is always a hub of activity at the center. Here people meet, greet, and discuss their interests over a buffet lunch before watching a presentation given by an RCC fellow or guest speaker. The talks often focus on… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Lunchtime Colloquium”

Snapshot: Beach Litter in a Sustainable Exhibition

By Katrin Kleemann A few weeks ago, “Snapshot: Zero Waste?” featured an exhibition exploring global waste production. Today’s feature looks at what happens to that waste. As part of its Planet Oceans Initiative, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich hosts one of London’s first sustainable galleries: the… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Beach Litter in a Sustainable Exhibition”

Snapshot: Fueling Up

Last year, Strasbourg won the “Smart City” category at the EU-China Smart Mobility City Awards. In its devotion to sustainable mobility, the city has revitalized its bus system, implemented a car share system, and expanded its cycling network considerably; several innovative projects are currently underway.  

Snapshot: RCC Staff Trip to Nuremberg

  “At Nuremberg, I had the same surreal feeling I often experience in my hometown of Gettysburg, where I am surrounded by land that marks one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the American Civil War. The sunshine and the bucolic beauty of… Continue Reading “Snapshot: RCC Staff Trip to Nuremberg”

Snapshot: Zero Waste?

At the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris, the third floor of La Grande Galerie de l’Évolution (the Great Gallery of Evolution) is dedicated to humans’ impact on the environment. This collection of garbage represents a meager portion of the waste we produce globally. The… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Zero Waste?”

Snapshot: A Living, Breathing Thing

Living walls aren’t just a wonderful way to brighten up urban spaces—greening grey walls has benefits inside and out. Green walls help protect building façades, reduce noise, and make structures more energy efficient, and they improve biodiversity and outdoor air quality, and our well-being in general. Living walls and vertical… Continue Reading “Snapshot: A Living, Breathing Thing”

Snapshot: “energie.wenden (energy.transitions)”

We need to transition towards more sustainable energy systems! But what is keeping us from making the necessary changes? Technology? Politics? Psychology? Following the successful exhibition on the Anthropocene, the Deutsches Museum and the RCC are once again teaming up for another large exhibition.… Continue Reading “Snapshot: “energie.wenden (energy.transitions)””

Snapshot: Mini Workshop on Sub-Saharan African History

Last week, the RCC hosted a group of African scholars, along with their mentors, to discuss and support proposals for a postdoctoral fellowship grant from the Volkswagen Foundation. In a three-day series of mini-workshops, the teams discussed their intended projects with RCC director Christof… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Mini Workshop on Sub-Saharan African History”